Wednesday, February 07, 2007

QotD: Pleasepleaseplease!

What was the one toy you wanted as a kid that your parents never bought you?
Submitted by Princess of Darkness.

I eventually bought one for myself at 21 years of age.  My daughter found it one day and now one of the lions heads are broken, the weapons are scattered, and the box is gone. 

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gamany said...

awesome! my brother had one. i remembered thinking that boys (in general) always got the cool toys and one christmas when i was younger, i got an evil lynn and orco figure. my brother got he-man and skeletor. again, boys always get the cool toys. ;))

Ender said...


LOL I had one of those as a kid, but it went into a garage sale! So when I was around 21 I got another one off eBay just like you!

Lorelei said...

OMG. I wanted this, along with a cast-iron Optimus Prime. OMG.

Matt said...

I had a Voltron. One of my favorite toys of all time. My favorite part was the lion heads that shot out of his arms. It was also cool how he always sliced his enemies in half at the end of each show. Violence shmiolence.
Do you remember the later Voltron that came out? I'll have to see if I can find a picture, it but it wasn't nearly as cool. It had like a bazillion parts and was all plastic. The classic is still the best.

MainMor said...

I have this. It is on my desk now. My kids got ahold of it a few times and there are broken tails and broken ears now.*sigh*