Monday, March 19, 2007

BSG-Spoiler Alert

What is wrong with the producers.  If you have a mystery building up over the whole season about the final 5 cylon models, why would you give it away during the preview for the final episode.  Sure they didn't show his face but anyone that follows the show will know that Anders was the person who said, "We are cylons."  Sure, we still have to figure out who the other members of we are. 

The episode just felt forced.  Everybit of it.  Which is ironic, since it took about a zillion filler episodes to get there. 

Here is my question: shouldn't Athena know anything that Caprica 6 knows?  When she downloaded, didn't she get the Borg Collective update version 6.0 talking about all the cunning new ways to catch the fleet?

I am guessing that because of the music the final four will be Gaeta, Tigh, Torry, and, of course, Anders.

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CosmicBabe said...

I thought that was Anders' voice, but I wasn't certain! I still suspect they aren't going to actually reveal the Final Five...probably what Anders said was rhetorical in some way, possibly a commentary on Baltar's conviction. The season finale is simply not the appropriate timing to reveal the Final Five, unless the producers are absolute fraking idiots. (Which they may be, given this season's jerky progression of the storylines & overall boredom.)But that episode was the first suspicion I had that Tigh might be a Cylon. Either that, or the audio hallucinations show that his alcoholism is really getting out of hand.

Maenad said...

Re: Tigh LOL I really thought that the writers felt they needed another psychologically tortured crazy person to fill the vacuum left by Kara dying and Gius turning into a political prisoner-come-saint figure.I really love how they've turned Tigh into the bitter evil old pirate. He could do with snazzier eyepatch though. :P

Budd said...

He needs Willie's eye patch from The Goonies.

Xan said...

"but anyone that follows the show will know that Anders was the person who said, "We are cylons." Incorrect. I shall say no more. :)

Budd said...

Then I shall be suprised.