Wednesday, April 11, 2007


I have a few songs from what I think are a very awesome band, Moonbeams and Caterpillars, but I can't find a CD or anything about the band.  Do they exist, does anyone know about them?

Moonpools and Caterpillars


another not so well known band I like is Joydrop.  You should give them a listen.


and don't forget Superchick!


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gamany said...

i can't find them either, and i'm really curious about how they sound.

Budd said...

I will post a track when I get home.

Budd said...

oh it is moonpools and caterpillars.

gamany said...

geez, budd, the least you could do is help us out, too. you forgot to change the name in your post...still says "moonbeam".

Budd said...

yeah, once I got the correct name, they were pretty easy to find. I am an idiot. Did you like the song?