Tuesday, May 29, 2007


They are recruiting for a blood drive here at work, and I can't help but think of cowboys with lassos and dogs herding human size drops of blood through the prairies.  At night they could settle in for some beef stew and stand guard against vampires.  I could here the head foreman yelling to keep em in that we weren't going to lose one ounce this year and we would arrive with all 12,000 litters.  Yeah,  my imagination gets away from me some time. 


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little wonders said...

Show down at the O.K. Corpuscle.

Budd said...

Why wasn't it ever the great corrale or the pleasantly mediocre corrale. Just O.K.? Seems like they could have reached for more.

grrrace said...

i used to donate blood all the time. maybe i would've donated even MORE if i had your imagination. that would make it more fun. heh.