Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Heroes Spin-offs

Since they are spining off a show from Heroes, I though I would add some more spin-off ideas. 

It's Parkman:  A 30min sitcom about Matt Parkman's life with the ability to read minds.  It could have a really cheesy 50's sitcom theme song,  with the ending going, "It's Parkman! yeah!", and a laugh track that laughs at things like, "you don't know it, but I am sleeping with your wife."  It would have to take place at a later time so he could have two teenage kids, leading to all kinds of kooky fun. 

Time Jumper Hiro:  This would be a show about a man that travels through the past uncontrollably putting things right that once went wrong, hoping that his next time jump will be the time jump home.

Not so much a spin-off but:  Friday night lights gets Clairebear.  Bennett forced to move after the death of his bosses moves to the town of friday night lights and claire has to compete to get on the cheerleading squad, date the quarterback, and adjust to a new school. 

If you have any ideas feel free to share.  I will send them to NBC for you.

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little wonders said...

Too bad NBC stopped the Westwing Nathan could have been the new President there :)For your Hiro show I suggest just calling it HIRO, and while he is lost in the past he finds he can use the sword to communicate with Ando in the present ;)Invisible America, showing Claude as he tries to keep one step ahead of the "Company"And this is not a spin-off but a story suggestion for the main show, can Sylar please kill DL, Nikki/Jessica and Micha they bring nothing to the show and suck.

Steve Betz said...

"Scowly" -- she's always cantankerous, but we're sort of hot for her anyway... starrring Clea Duvall.

Budd said...

AOD-I like the sword/Ando part. I will use it in the pilot.