Monday, May 21, 2007

The Voice Heard Round the World

We live in a two story house.  In the upstairs you can't really hear the door-bell ring if there is any ambient noise at all.  Someone came by the house and left due to my wife being upstairs with the air conditioner on.  This, of course, becomes my problem and I am required to fix the door-bell so that it is audible upstairs. 

This was fairly easy as Lowes had a neat door-bell extender.  There is a sensor that you attach to your existing bell and a remote bell that you can plug into any room.  It works quite well and the remote is actually louder than the existing bell. 

All is well until Ally, the two year old, starts singing twinkle twinkle little star.  She usually starts at normal tones and it increases into a major headache.  Well she set off the sensor. . . from across the room.  We, of course, check the door.  Then it happens again.  The wife and I look at each other and realize what is going on.  We start laughing just as Ashli, the 6 year old, realizes what is happening.  She lets out a yell and again sets it off.  Ally of course has no idea what is so funny and what is making the bell ring.  She sets it off constantly.  Having her around can't be good for my hearing.  I told Ashli that it wasn't cute when she did it because she does it on purpose. 

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1 comment:

grrrace said...

your girls are funny. hehe.