Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Go Read This Web Comic

about 9 years ago while chatting with a friend in ICQ, I was told that I should check out a comic called Sluggy FreelanceI checked it out and here I am today; a huge fan.  Sluggy turns 10 years old next month and I think it is worth your time to check it out.  This is the first strip (don't worry the artwork gets much better) and is the recommended starting point.  New readers would be lost in the current storyline and the comic often will reference itself. 

What is Sluggy Freelance?  Well sluggy is hilarity at its core.  It starts off as a gag a day type comic but evolves into a comic with story archs that still include the gag a day mentality.  The comics usually reference/parody science fiction, fantasy, horror, and pop culture.  Infuse this with a switch blade weilding, talking bunny rabbit pet, a ferrett that can stop time with enough sugar, mad scientists, and demons and the laughs just keep coming.

Over the past nine+ years I have grown to love the characters.  It is easy to get connected with them.  To cheer Torg as he chases Zoe.  To watch Riff blow something up and check his notes.   The characters become someone you know, or someone that you wish you knew in real life.  

Anyways check out the first strip and the one attached below and let me know what you think.


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Kirk said...

Only went through a small portion of the gag-a-day years, but I like what I see so far. Added it to my daily visits (though it would seem I have a bit of catching up to do first). Thanks for the link.As a side note: I love watching an artist's skill evolve. The skill Gabe at Penny Arcade has acquired over the years is pretty amazing.

Budd said...

Glad you like it. It is amazing how doing something everyday will cause you to improve.