Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Bored? Try News Pony

A friend of mine has been fooling around with the internet again and has invented a game that follows news stories and gives them a value based on the buzz around the story.  It comes with, often times, clever ticker symbols.   If you don't see a story you like you can create one yourself.  Just put in the key word (vaguer is better so instead of Endevour put in space shuttle. This also ensures that the keyword doesn't expire)  and a ticker symbol (wit is a plus.  for example CWRDS is the symbol for the taliban).  The site is News Pony .  Let me know what you think

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grrrace said...

hehe. that's pretty cool. i was laughing at the main story's (the bridge collapse) ticker. (OSHT) heh.

Budd said...

so did you sign up. I have to know who my competition is.

grrrace said...

hehe. no. no. no.i can't afford another addiction. one more and my child's getting taken away by CPS. hehe.