Monday, January 07, 2008

American Gladiators

Oh Yeah!  This show rocked when I was a kid and still rocks now.  Who hasn't wanted to compete in Joust or try to run up the treadmill?  How is powerball not an olympic sport? 

This show hasn't changed at all.  New gladiators with some new events but it basically picks up right were it left off.  Cheese, pure and entertaining cheese.  Some have said that the gladiators are not as tough, but I think that they just picked the creme of the crop for competitors.  I can't wait for tonight. 

The only bad thing is that it isn't filmed in HD.  Shame on you NBC for making me look at black bars on the side of my screen.

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Ross said...

I put it on my DVR so I could start watching at 9:40, fast forward through commercials and the worst of the cheese, and still finish at 11. I was entertained wholeheartedly. Although I think replacing the giant hamster ball event with "The Gauntlet" was not the best choice...but I guess they wanted more contestant-on-gladiator action, and running around in giant balls just didn't do it.Also, was it just me, or did they not include any penalties for falling in the pits anywhere? Maybe they just edited it out, but it seemed like on the Eliminator, it would have been faster to just jump down into the pits on the barrel roll and the hand bike and climb up on the other side, rather than take the time to get in position and force yourself to do those obviously time-consuming activities?Putting that treadmill near the end was either a stroke of genius or sadism - I remember that about half the contestants in the old show just ran up it without trying to grab a guide rope....but after doing all that other stuff, I bet almost none of the contestants even tries it in this new version.

L. said...

i'm hooked. wolf is gay.

gamany said...

ARGH, i forgot it aired this month.

Guiness Drinker said...

I might have to start giving it a watch

Budd said...

I got to watch episode three with the girls last night. The loved it. The both want to be gladiators. I am not sure the show was a good idea though. It got them all riled up for bedtime.

grrrace said...

ooooh! i need to watch this! i used to love this when it was on! :)