Thursday, April 24, 2008

Metaphysical Debate

We are having a debate amongst my friends about the consequences of mythological monsters fighting/infecting each other.  For example;  What would be the implications of a zombie biting a vampire or vice versa.  We have little doubt that a Zombie could infect a werewolf but how would that affect his metamorphosis, if at all?  So let me know what you think and what rules you are going by for eache character (i.e. Romero Zombies, Rice Vampires). 

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Steve Betz said...

I'm not so sure a zombie could cross-infect a werewolf. Lycanthropy is generally thought of as a disease -- I'll go so far to say a disease of the living. Zombies, being dead (or undead), I would think are un-affected by any diseases they had when alive (for exampe, I don't think a diabetic who became a zombie would have to take their insulin anymore...). So if I'm a werewolf, and I get bitten by a zombie and become a dead/undead zombie myself, I don't think my lycanthopy will exert itself. Ditto if I were to bite one -- I don't think lycanthropy could infect a zombie.

Kirk said...

Great idea for a debate and definitely one I can, er, sink my teeth into. *ducks tomatoes*Fully agree with Steve Betz on the zombie/lycanthrope thing. Couldn't have put it better myself. And IMO, it extends to every combination:To my mind, vampires are connoisseurs. They're elegant and discerning. They wouldn't even think of biting a zombie for obvious reasons. I doubt they would feed on a lycanthrope, either, due to the were-person's "illness". Yucky blood is no bueno. That said, they'd be happy to snap a lycanthrope's neck just for the fun of it.Now, would a zombie bite a vampire? Only accidentally. Vampires are dead and would not attract a zombie any more than another zombie would attract a zombie. Zombies desire brains, yes, but they must be warm brains.Were a vampire to be incidentally bit by a zombie, the effect would be nil since vampires are immune to anything that doesn't burn, stake or behead them. Zombies are too stupid to do any of those things, of course.Have I missed anything?

Scio, Scio said...

How did I miss this post? Werewolves are stricken with the curse of lycanthropy, but they are alive. So, a zombie bite, in my estimation, would lead to the death of the victim regardless of any mystical ailment. In this I must sound my agreement with my distinguished peers. I think the only iffy question would be whether the victim succumbs to zombifaction during his metamorphosis...would he be a zombie wolf? Or, upon his death during wolf-form, would he revert to his human shape only to rise again? Depends on the zombie strain. Woe betide us if it's fast zombie strain.As for vampires, those stinking fiends would repel zombies. Their undead flesh would hold no attraction for the walking dead. I concur with Professor Kirk, though I disagree most strongly in the matter of vampire sophistication. Brutal animals, mostly, possessing cunning only for the entrapment of prey.