Wednesday, September 03, 2008


The Palin child,  It is mine.  You were going to find out in a few days anyway.  I had no idea she was 17 though.  I thought she was 16 at the most.  Wait, isn't that worse. 

So will the BF get to move into the White House.  If you are going to knock up a girl, I guess that is the way to do it.  I wouldn't be suprised if the BF doesn't have a couple other brats running around from a couple of other girls.  I bet he is the kFed of the political world.

At least they are republicans and support the 2nd amendment.  They will have no problem buying a shotgun for the wedding. 

I mean, I don't see what the big deal is.  McCain's wife is younger than Gov. Palin's daughter, right.


Yeah, I should write for Letterman.

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Street Vein said...

Ha, I forgot your penchant for satire... excellent. I'm pretty sure McCain's wife was 12 when he got custody of her. Side note: Woody Allen is making a biographical film on McCain and he's playing the lead role. He's trying method acting for the first time and plans to [insert joke here].

Dancing Bear said...

I still can't figure out why the chick from Saturday Night Live is running for VP.
Did you do the Gov also Budd. Is the little retarded one some of your work also.
Cindy McCain is hot. Her bones break easy but you have to hand it to her. She's a GILF. Granny I'd like to... wait a minute. Never mind.

Budd said...

Woody Allen should run for president. No skeletons there. His Korean adopted daughter/wife isn't even all that hot.

Budd said...

You know I thought the Gov's baby was mine until it was born. My seed would only have chosen a healthy egg,

Kirk said...

"At least they are republicans and support the 2nd amendment. They will have no problem buying a shotgun for the wedding."*bangs hands together madly* Bravo!