Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Sandman: The Dolls House and others

This was a very good read and is a fine example of why people love Sandman and Neil Gaiman.  Gaiman has a love for mythologies and it shows very well in this book.  I kept getting flash forwards of American Gods while reading this. 


Two crime families struggle for control of Gotham.  Harvey Dent is going after the Roman with Jim Gordon and the Batman.   People keep turning up dead on holidays with the custom murder weapon and decorations for the appropriate holiday.  This book has a lot of the elements of The Dark Knight movie.  It is cleared that the inspiration for the movie was this graphic novel, even if this story centers on Holiday and only features the Joker and the movie is a Joker movie.  I believe in Harvey Dent.


Ashli has been getting these Babymouse books from the library.  They are really cute and fun.  I should sue the Holms because it is clear to me that Babymouse is just an anomorphic representation of Ashli. 

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