Thursday, August 28, 2008

Book Reviews

Really good book that mixes the genres of mystery and science fiction.  This book takes place in the far future and the Earth is at its limits.  Man now lives in a completely enclosed eco system, in caves of steel you might say. Due to population, jobs are scarce and robots are feared for taking what little jobs there are.  Centuries ago people migrated to space, but due to eradication of disease and hence no immunities, migration was stopped.  Some "spacers" came back and live in a city right outside of New York, and one them was murdered.  Elijah, a New York plain clothes police detective, is partnered with R. Daneel, a robot from space town, to solve this murder. 

This book explores racism and classism as well as popultion management and robotics.  It is a quick and easy read.  I have never sought out who-dun-its, so I can't really say how it measures up there.  Asimov doesn't disappoint.


This was pretty good.  Hellboy is mainly an action adventure comic full of wit and sarcasm with a touch of x-files thrown in for suspense.  I really like the artistic stylings of this book.  The story isn't ground breaking but is very entertaining.  You just can't help but cheer for Hellboy.

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Steve Betz said...

I've never been a huge Asimov fan, but every time I read one of his books, I always like it a lot. Maybe I should re-assign myself as a bigger fan.

Budd said...

He has a way of thinking through his books and giving you a really satisfying story.

grantalias said...

What memories! I read all those Asimov series in high school in grade 9 - 10. During class when the class had to read one chapter of what ever we were reading, I had finished the book so I would pull the sci-fi one I was reading. The teacher said it was great that I read so much but I had to re-read the chapter.