Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Death of John Connor

John Connor, leader of the future resistance that would have saved all mankind, died today in his home from electrocution.  He died while trying to make out with his super hot/pet/robot; yes, one of the same ones he was trying to save us from.  He is survived by his mother, his uncle, and the same robot pet sister that killed him (after her 2 minute reload time when she popped the fuse).  Shirley Manson is said to be estatic.  Vicki from Small Wonder was unavailable for comment.  John Connor had ended a relationship with her earlier this year for the reason of upgrading. 

As you can tell, I watched the Sarah Connor Chronicles this week.  I don't really understand why River went crazy and wanted to kill John.  Did she see some strange commercial for Japanese candy or something?  Is the kill John Connor command intigrated into her operating system or what?  It seems like after it was overridden she could go in and remove it permanently so that nothing like that would ever happen. 

Also River is hot.  If there were robots that looked like that, humanity would die out.  They might be replace with cyborgs, but humanity would be gone. 

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Eli's Dad said...

I believe I speak for all males when I say--none of us blame him. Oh well, we had a good run.

grrrace said...

i stopped watching the show last season... i haven't finished the last couple of eps from last season. i really wanted to like it... but i couldn't. uffff. i don't even think i'm gonna start up the second season.funny post, though. hehe...