Monday, October 27, 2008

2nd Annual Horror Movie Day

James, Richard, and I got together for our annual "It is close to Halloween and we need to watch some horror movies" day.  Richard made taco soup and we had plenty of other snacks.  Last year we watched 1402 and Slither both really good.  This year we watched a mixed bunch.

First was The Happening



This one was okay.  The twist in this movie is that there is no twist.  It was an okay movie.  A little slow and sappy, but it was okay.


Sweeny Todd was horrid.  It was slow.  I don't know if the songs weren't any good or if the actors just couldn't sing them, but they were unengaging.  Once the blood started flowing, it looked really fake. 









This one was a lot of fun.  I mean it was completely unrealistic and kind of insults your intelligence, but as long as you turn off the science part of your brain, it rocked.  Lots of good old fashioned violence.  It was a lot like road warriors and the crew actually refrenced this in the extra features.  Just a fun movie.


This one was fun also.  I found myself quoting lines from the Zombie Survival Guide even though it was a vampire movie.  A lot of the stuff works for both situations.  That book will change your life.  I have not read the graphic novel this movie was based on so I can't compare, but the movie was good.  Lots of fun yelling at the TV that the characters were being idiots. 

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Eli's Dad said...

Good time was had by all. Gotta say I give The Happening a 3--decent premise--very unlikely reasoning behind the premise w/ some rather bad acting. Really didn't care for the characters at all. Sweeny Todd was two hours that I want back--didn't do it for me at all. Doomsday was fun. Worth a watch--give it a 7. I enjoyed 30 Days of Night--give it a 7.

Budd said...

You know a movie is bad when people start asking how long it is 15minutes in and count down the time until it is over.

Anyone want to buy a used copy of Sweeny Todd.

grrrace said...

i thought about watching the happening... but then i figured that it would just blow and i should just skip it and not waste my time. heh.i actually liked sweeney todd. i am kind of biased toward depp/burton collaborations, i guess.i really liked 30 days of night. i was FREAKED out. i can't even read the source material because just the covers freak me out. also, i was glad that josh hartnett didn't suck. sometimes he's good and sometimes he's VERY VERY VERY bad. hehe.ooh! and doomsday! i liked that one, too. i thought it was a lot of fun...have you watched the descent? it's the same director who does doomsday. the descent is SO good.

Budd said...

Loved the descent. Or should I say the the descent was decent?