Tuesday, October 21, 2008

What Have I Done?

The other day, I was riding down the road listening to the radio and I was flipping through the presets.  I knew at least the name of every song that came  on.  Most, I knew some of the lyrics too.  Then it hit me.  The brain is a miraculous thing to be able to store this much stuff.  I wonder how much smarter I would be if mine wasn't crammed full of popular music.  How much have we limited our growth by filling up storage space in our brains with music. 

I didn't set out to learn the words and tunes to these songs, but gained that knowledge passively.  Why is it then, that I have to work so hard at learning other things?  Does my previous knowledge of popular music make it easier for me to remember more.  Which childhood memories had to make way so that I could know the word's to Free Falling. Don't give me that "we only use 10% of our brains line."  I have seen video of the electrical impulses fired while dreaming and a majority of the brain lights up like Christmas. 

Every year the popular entertainment history grows more and more and children are expected to know about all of it in order to be cool or fit in.  Are we heading towards an Idiocracy?

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grrrace said...

the answer is YES. we are heading toward an idiocracy.

Lexann said...

Are we heading towards an Idiocracy?Actually, I think we're already there.