Monday, December 01, 2008

My Heroes Questions

1.  So in the history of the company, there has only been the two eclipses or are these somehow special eclipses that didn't happen once in twenty years and then happened twice in two years?
2.  If the eclipse is the catalyst that turns on powers (or turns them off) wouldn't Clairebear have a normal immune system?
3.  If Claire is the catalyst then how did the people in the company get their powers before she was born?
4.  If Claire and Adams power is healing wouldn't taking Adams powers be taken just leave him a normal man the same age as when the power manifested? 
5.  If taking Adams powers means that his cells suddenly gain their true age wouldn't Claire's cells gain all those injuries that she has endured? 
6.  If this eclipse gives and takes powers, wouldn't their be others on the alternating pattern? 
7.  Where are these new issues of 9th wonder coming from? this one was kinda answered.
8.  How does gaining super speed cure cerebral palsy, I mean wouldn't she just become a super fast person with a debilitating condition?
9.  How was there an eclipse in Japan and the United States at the same time?
10.  Eclipses don't usually last that long, do they?
11.  If there is a part of the brain that causes the healing and you kill the brain for however long, isn't that game over?
12.  Is time travel causal or isn't it?  Hiro goes back in time creating the myth he worships and the person that brings the company together.  Peter comes back from the future to change what his present is like.  Peter is using Hiro's power so, it isn't like one has causal powers and the other doesn't.
13.  Why does child Hiro have better control over his powers that adult Hiro?
14.  Why does Sylar Make a cereal bowl out of Veronica Mars' head if he already has her power. 

Heroes' writing staff.  If you need me to read your scripts for you, just let me know.  

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Zack said...

All great questions! If you find any answers let me know!!!!!

Steve Betz said...

I'm not reading the post, but I have a question for you re: Heroes.

Budd said...

it is better, but not like season 1. They obviously are trying to recapture that magic. "People liked childlike Hiro, lets make him a child" kind of decisions are being made. What they forget is that while people loved the naive Hiro, they thought future hardcore Hiro was pretty rocking too.
The title of Heroes is a misnomer over the past two seasons. it should be called people who have powers and fight other people with powers. I know there is a no costume policy on the show, but I don't know if that is the right decision. A show like Heroes needs an obvious bad guy and not these ambigous, maybe they are noble maybe they aren't, characters
Every season has Sylar and Peter losing there powers in some way, because they are just too powerful. It is a problem. Maybe you send them off to their home planet to see what happened for a couple of years.

dewitte said...

#9 & #10 - those killed me too. I brought it up to a friend of mine and he said something like "Oh - and THAT'S the only thing odd you see? You have no problem believing people with powers, but the eclipse situation throws you off"Yes, apparently it does.My biggest question so far this season?Why is it that when Elle and Sylar are eating pie - they have to eat on the floor? What's the deal with that? He can afford books but no furniture? What, no cameras allowed in the dining room?I've absolutely never had people over and said - "Want some pie? We can eat it right here on the floor."