Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Uncanny X-Flus

In a world that hates and fears them, these mutant strains are doing there best to stop the brotherhood of white blood cells.  This group led by mad professor X started off as normal flu viruses but their mutations manifested at puberty.  The team consist of Cyclops, a one eyed foe that spreads sheep flu,  Univ. of Phoenix, who spread the bird flu, Iceman, who only spread a common cold (this weakens the brotherhood of white blood cells), Beast, who spreads any number of animal flus, and finally of Angel, who spreads the biblical plagues. 

Comming this summer, the Uncanny X-Flus get a new member.  Meet poor razorback who was cast out by society and now spreads an airborn swine flu.  Will he be the key that finally gives the X-Flus the edge over the Brotherhood of White Blood Cells?  Pick up issue #162 to find out. 


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Eli's Dad said...

Most excellent and humorous post