Friday, May 01, 2009


I am going to have to say that I didn't like this movie.  Some spoilers may follow.  They have officially bastardized the marvel universe.  They are just going to do whatever they want with the characters and show no respect to the medium that made these characters famous.  Worse yet, they are insulting comic book fans by saying that the comic writing sucked too bad to be made into a movie as is.

This movie was a total heroes rip off.  You had a sylar character that has every power and can't be killed.  Wolverine is basically just a claire with claws.  Silverfox is a mrs. patrelli, stryker is an evil HRG.  Attention writers of Wolverine.  Heroes sucks!

Somehow the weapon x program was run by the U.S. Military all along and it was never revealed in the comic.  Also, Emma Frost and Silver Fox are sisters.  Who would have guessed.  Gambit can make cards levitate as well as charge them.  Deadpool is a freak of nature science experiment gone wrong that shouldn't be able to bend his arms. 

Somehow they managed to screw up an essential part of the movie that they got almost right almost ten years ago; the claws.  The special effects for the claws are horrid in this movie. 

I just can't get behind this movie as a comic fan. 

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Jack Yan said...

Thank you for the warning—I won’t be seeing this, then!

grantalias said...

I'm pretty sure Heroes ripped this off and every other good comic idea from the last 30 years. Ah season 1 nuke attack on NY bring county together, planned by heroes? Sounds a lot like Watchmen.

12DollarBurrito said...

You're kinda dumb. I agree it was a horrible movie but to say that it was a Heroes "Rip-off"?Heroes has ripped off every single idea they've ever done from comic books, most notably X-Men. I dunno how you can call yourself a comic fan and say that Wolverine ripped off Heroes. That's just fucking stupid.

Budd said...

I will say that you up your dumb and call you a total moron. Yes heroes ripped off every good and bad x-men idea ever, and they did it poorly. Wolverine took those poorly ripped off ideas and did them worse. It was like they watched heroes and listened to what everyone hated about the show and created the wolverine movie based on that alone. Wolverine wasn't a screwed up x-movie, it was a poorly done heroes movie. That makes it totally worse.

Agonyzer said...

Never argue with a 12 dollar burrito. Wait. No. Always argue with a 12 dollar burrito.I am in total agreement, Budd. So much so that I won't even see this Hollywood abortion. Hell, I don't even agree with the Wolverine: Origins comic. So... there you have it.