Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Dragon Ball Evolution

Watched this movie with the girls last night. They loved it. I, on the
other hand, was only moderately entertained. The director tried to hard
to make it a really visually stunning movie and this was very
distracting in what should have been a very action oriented movie.

The biggest let down of the movie was the final fight scene. I mean the
whole movie builds up to it and it is over really quick. From the times
when I have watched the cartoon, I know that these battles can take
weeks to actually complete and that there is lots of yelling and
cracking of the Earth involved. The final fight is a bit weak and could
have been done a lot better.

My favorite part of the movie is Chi-Chi. I looked forward to every
scene with her in it. I am not sure if she is a good actress, I wasn't
paying attention. Best scene was the one of her in the classroom eating
strawberries. She looked really good in her fighting uniform too.

I think this movie suffered a lot from having non-martial artists cast
in martial arts heavy rolls. Goku's form sucks the entire movie and he
doesn't sell the moves. I am sure he got a two week course in martial
arts before filming but that just doesn't cut it.

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grrrace said...

yeah... i will probably never watch this movie. hehe.