Wednesday, November 30, 2005

The Biggest Loser

The show is inspiring. To see the physical and mental transformations that
those people went through left me humbled. I guess I like shows that reveal
the best in people. It gives me faith in mankind that is lost immediately
upon turning on the news. I feel good about my self but seldom about
others. These shows thaw my cold and cynical heart and warm my soul. Sure
it is a reality show, but not in the same way that survivor or the
apprentice. Sure it was a game, but the characters developed relationships
with each other that made vote offs agonizing. The trials of having that
much weight and losing it formed a fraternity of sorts among the group.
They achieved the metamorphosis together and each left his mark on the
others. On the finally, each person was ecstatic at the others weight loss.
Because they had marked each other, anytime anyone of them lost a pound the
others felt as if they had as well.

I didn't think I could get into a show about fat people losing weight, but I
did because the show is so much more.

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