Thursday, June 29, 2006

I am listening to some pretty good books right now that are available for free on 

Infection-Scott Sigler.  A parasite that kills its host is spreading, but it may have met its match with ex-football player Perry.  Disturbing!

Earthcore-Scott Sigler.  Discovery of platinum leads a group to disturb an ancient evil.  Very violent!

Brave Men Run-Matthew Wayne Seznick.  Think of it like a coming out party for the x-men.  Really good!

Claybourne-  A New Zealand radio sci-fi drama.  Excellent!

If you are listening to anything good or start listening to anything I recommend, let me know. 

Please put recommendations in the comments section.


Head.Shark said...

I am really starting to like books on tape. I may check that out.

Also, thanks for pointing that out! Blogger had me set as somewhere on the other side of the planet! Haha, that first post was posted Monday, 4 days ago. I got it fixed now, so hopefully it shows me as in St. Louis now.

melanaise said...

Hi Budd!!! It HNT!! Where is that left shoulder?? Thanks for the spidey link AWESOME!!

Jody said...

i really cringe at books on tape. They make me feel like such a librarian's daughter- which I am.

Budd said...

Head.shark-I knew something was up with the date time.

Mel-No HNT for me. That would scare all the girls off of the internet. Plus, I just don't feel comfortable doing that type stuff. I want you guys to like me for my writing and not my incredibly not stunning body.

Jody-It makes the work day go by soooo fast.

Does anyone have recomendations.

Why do you have to do word verification on your own blog?

Jody said...

I use word verification to block spammers.

mllnclly79 said...

i LOVE LOVE LOVE audiobooks. don't say books on tape. it makes me think of some poor, blind old granny (or someone who works near us) who can barely see to eat so they have to be read to. I love downloading my book and then listening to it as the day goes by. it gives me the feeling that someone is talking to me without me actually having to carry on a conversation. you can also get free audio downloads from your local online library (i think you have to have a library card). i tend to shy away from freebies though because they're poor quality. it was, poignantly, put once that it sounds like they're speaking through a pillow sometimes. I prefer to use

yeah, i know. $15 a month and i get 1 book & 1 periodical. i call it a good deal because the quality it like someone reading it to me in a soundproof room and most of the books are UNABRIDGED (a must). love it! check it out.

MWS Media said...

Hi, it's Matthew Wayne Selznick, the author of "Brave Men Run - A Novel of the Sovereign Era." I want to thank you for the plug on the podcast version of the book!

If you like, drop by the web site for show notes for every episode, plus ways you can buy the book in paperback, e-book, and MP3 Audio CD formats.

And Mllnclly... give some Podiobooks a try! Free does not necessarily mean low quality... my own Brave Men Run podcast, for example, has been nominated for a Parsec Award.