Friday, June 30, 2006

Your Favorite Blogs

Please, in the comments, list your favorite blogs.  I want to see what others are reading and give them a visit. 

Also check out, I may be using it as my new home.


melanaise said... favorite blogs are a rock to wind a piece of sting around, the crapspot, onward ho, useless advice from useless men, oh yeah, and you....don't disappear with no warning and why are you moving?? keep em both up.

Head.Shark said...
Best blog ever. :)

Budd said...

Mel-Have you looked at the other page? It is beautiful. It has all kinds of nifty tools. Only members can comment right now and membership is an invitation only thing for the time so I won't be moving just yet.

H.S-That was a cool blog.