Thursday, August 31, 2006

The Closet: Blogisode 4

Shirley stopped by the pet store to pick up some food and supplies, and by the time she got home it was three thirty.  Sarge had been well trained a listened well to all the normal commands.  She hoped that he would be able to respond to sic'em as well.  Shirley was startled when Sarge started barking at the door at five after four.  She was pleasantly surprised to find out that it was because the alarm installation people were on her porch.  The dog settled down easily when she said that it was ok. 

That evening, Shirley bonded with the dog.  She played with him and took him for a nice walk.  She was having so much fun playing with the dog, she wondered why she hadn't got one before.  That thought brought the reason she had got one back into her head like a train through a railroad crossing, complete with horns and blinking lights.  Shirley instantly became more subdued.  She sat down to read a little before bed and Sarge curled up at her feet. 

Twenty minutes later Shirley caught herself dozing, book closed.  She hated that.  Now she was going to have to find her place, but she decided to save that for tomorrow night.  She was tired, it had been a long day.  Shirley got off the couch, turned the living room light out, and called Sarge after her.  She bought a dog bed (really just a large pillow) and put it on the floor at the foot of her bed.  She walked sarge over to it and told him to lay and he did.  She then changed into her PJs and climbed into bed, eyes on the closet door.  Suddenly the whole bed shook and something was on her legs.  Shirley let out a scream before realizing that Sarge had jumped into bed with her. She laughed a little and allowed herself to relax and sleep.


Spitfire said...

awesome.... ;-) I came so close yesterday to saying the two guns thing..."jessica" is ruby's dad.

Spitfire said...

:-) I see a shout out to budd in that post...