Tuesday, September 05, 2006

State of the Blog

Sorry about the updates lately.  I was sick last week, and I have been trying to get ahead on my work at work. 

First thing - The Closet is going to be installments.  I can't give a schedule because I don't have one.  I am writing the episodes as I go.  I actually don't really know what it is about yet.  I do hope everyone is liking this little experiment.

Second - With elections coming up, I can see rants in the future. 

Third - I hope to continue doing stupid things to create stories to keep people entertained. 

Fourth -  I hope to do more book reviews.  I am reading, but I am just not writing about what I read. 

If you would like to leave a topic for me to write about, I will try and fulfill any request I get. 

Thank you,

Budd Black

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Anonymous said...

No worries about completing your third task

=) You can't catch me
I'm invisible
now close your eyes so I can slip away