Thursday, August 10, 2006

The Duality of Man



The above picture is my current wallpaper at work.  We have dual monitors and the image splits so that the Autobots are on one side and the Deceptacons are on the other.  I like this.  It represents the duality of man and to a further extent the duality of my soul. 

Conrad stated that every man has a heart of darkness.  I believe that this is entirely true.  I also believe that man has a conscience.  Both forces battle for mans soul and every person has aspects of darkness and light in their personality.

This battle is referenced in allegory in almost every great story.  My wallpaper above uses the Autobots and Deceptacons, Harry Potter has Voldemort, Gandalf has Sauron, and He-Man has Skelator.  In some stories the dark wins out, just as in some lives. 

Anyway that is what caught my attention about my wallpaper.  I didn't just want Autobots, and I didn't just want Deceptacons.  I had to have both, because both are a part of me.

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