Wednesday, August 30, 2006

It is official. . . I am old!

> The kids in my neighborhood have been building ramps to jump their > bikes off of. I am outside with my girls and I watch them. It is fun > seeing them get excited about getting that little bit of air. One of > the kids has a mountain bike, so I hopped on and proceeded to jump the > ramp. The kids were impressed by how much air I was able to get off > the heavy mountain bike. So I road back up for a second launch. >
> Before I get to the second jump, let me tell you about the ramp. It > was an 18in piece of wood propped up by two rocks. The top rock was > only about 6in wide. You had to hit the ramp right down the middle. > The mountain bikes wheel base is longer than 18in and it has a shock > in the middle.
> I don't go as far up the hill for my second run, as I am just going to > casually jump. I make my approach hit the ramp and know instantly > that this is going to hurt. You see it is not good when your front > wheel is descending while your back wheel is not yet off of the ramp. > Add to this the clacking sound that the board bouncing back on to the > rock, letting me know that I did not hit dead center. The bike tilts > in the air. I twist, turn, and shift in the air trying to get the bike > under me straight. Alas, I ran out of air before my adjustments were > made.
> A couple seconds later, I untangle myself from the bike. My elbow > hurts, to be expected. My knee hurts, to be expected. My toes hurt, > huh. Yeah, I was wearing sandals. I am bleeding, but nothing is > broken. As injuries go, it wasn't so bad, but that had to be the > lamest crash I have ever experienced. I wasn't going for big air, and > I wasn't trying anything fancy. I hit the ramp and fell down.

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Mere_bystander said...

How embarrassing! I'm glad you weren't seriously hurt!
(sandals? ouch!)

jks said...

yeah good thing nothing cracked
hope you're doin better