Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Not Too Bad

When asked how your day is going have you ever answered, "Not too bad."  At first this seems like a positive.  It could be worse, right?

But, what are you really saying?  If your day is not too bad, then we have already established that it was a bad day.  It just wasn't too bad.  What is too bad.  To me, too bad would mean that you were going to kill yourself if it got that bad.  So what you are actually saying is, "it isn't so bad that I want to kill myself."

As days go this day sucks for even more reasons.  I mean a pleasant day or ok day are average,  great days rock, and bad days really suck.  But, at least you get a story out of the bad day.  You can say, "you would not believe the day I had."  A "not too bad" day doesn't give any stories, it just doesn't rate that high. 

So have a good day or have a bad day, just don't have a not too bad day. 


mllnclly79 said...

would a "not too bad" day involve you pouncing on a person from behind a cubicle and startling them?

at least it ended an awkward conversation.

Spitfire said...

Interesting Post. Today is Ruby Tuesday.

Carol said...

Maybe that needs to be on a fortune cookie--Don't have a not too bad day!

Head.Shark said...

Agreed. I like your train of thought.
Thanks about the car, it's pretty much my greatest accomplishment to date, other than lassoing my stud of a boyfriend. :)