Friday, August 25, 2006

Original fiction-The Closet blogisode 2

Shirley woke up with a headache. There was a little bit of blood, but her vitamin k had done its job and clotted her up quickly.  She was still going to have a nasty lump on the back of her head for a few days.  She sat up pressing around the lump trying to gage how much damage she had done to herself.  She decided that she would live and started to get up.  That is when she noticed the closet door open.

There was no light coming out of the door like she remembered the night before.  She could see all the way to the back of the closet.  It was empty.  Not just empty of the light but of all here clothes and shoes as well.  Slowly, she got up and walked towards the closet.  It really was empty.  Maybe she was really robbed and her subconscious mind made up the light scenario just to protect her.  Shirley was just about to call the cops when she looked at the back of the closet door.  Smudged on the back of the door was a handprint. 


Carol said...

You keep leaving me wanting more with your cliffhangers!!

Spitfire said...

I so want to finish that story..with a few lines. I need to make a writing dueling blog for you....I am not so sure you could keep up, mr. man.


fyi, please stop by and make your presence known every once and a people don't thing I am crazier than I already...oh nevermind...

sigh...hi to the wife and kids and cat. Email me if you want a business proposition. It's a really good one.

I swear.

I can't get it off my mind...