Friday, October 13, 2006

Army of One

The "Army of one" slogan is dead.  It is about time.  I hated this slogan.  Why, you may ask?  Because it was wrong.

Movies may show Dolph, Arnold, Sly, or Chuck wreak havoc on an entire civilization single handedly, but the real Army does not work that way.  A soldier depends on the soldiers around him.  Basic training is all about teamwork and battle buddies.  To be successful in the Army you have to have to be able to depend on your fellow soldiers and your fellow soldiers have to be able to depend on you.  Army of one just doesn't represent that. 

The new slogan is Army Strong.  I am not sure how I feel about this one.  By itself it sounds kind of Neanderthals.  "ooh, ooh, Army… Strong."  I could definitely work with it in ad campaigns though.  I can almost assure you that you will see, "mentally strong, physically strong, Army Strong."  The will work it into the college money ads too.  "Too survive college and the real world you need to be morally, mentally, physically, and disciplinary strong.  You need to be Army Strong."  Even in the Army ads that emphasize post military employment.  "Training, discipline, organization, fitness, aptitude.  Employers are looking for these traits, and that is why they prefer candidates who are Army Strong."

If I had to come up with a recruiting slogan it would be "Come and see what you are made of."  Of course, "Be all that you can be" was the best slogan.  It was pure genius.

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Jody said...

I always thought "army of one" was supposed to represent unity among the ranks. Maybe I was wrong. Anyway, I'm glad it's over, too.
Army Strong is kind of weird though.
I visualize sunburned, dusty, flexed muscles. I wonder who works on their ad campaigns.