Monday, October 16, 2006

Vas o No Vas

Flipping through the channels, I stopped on Telemundo.  Vas o No Vas was on.  This is the Spanish version of Deal or No Deal.  I was intrigued and immediately starting joking that the payout would be really low. 

They did the whole interview the contestant thing, but it took like 10 minutes.  "now that we have met your entire extended family, your neighbors, your coworkers, your kindergarten class, and some guy that doesn't know you, go ahead and pick your first box."

The show was an hour long,  this lady was a new contestant at the beginning of the hour and had picked half of her boxes by the end of the hour.  "Stay tuned for the exiting conclusion manana."  You see what they did?  In the amount of time that the American show will have gone through four two -three contestants, the Spanish version has used one. 

What was the payout?  Was it a million like on NBC, or was it much, much lower.  Highest payout was cuarto de millon.  Yeah that's right $250k for us gringos.  That is crap.  I was expecting either $100 or a cool half mil.  $100 would have been comedy gold and a half mil would at least be somewhat dramatic.  Here is your $250k, after taxes that comes to $160k.  Hope you can live your dreams on that.  The show is taped in Miami, so good luck paying off your mortgage.

There is an improvement over the English language version.  The banker makes an appearance and she is hot. 

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