Thursday, November 09, 2006

A Joke Too Far

At work, the girl that sits next to me (R for now on) moved to a slower traffic cube. People from other floors will sometimes come and visit, so I thought it would be funny to make like she quit. I set one person up (M from her on out) that has been looking for another job. He has applied and almost been hired at a certain place twice and they have assured him that if another position opens up it is his.

First the set up. I made sure R was okay with it. I had her email the plan to her friend that worked on the floor with the M. I then emailed M and told him I would not be able to make lunch the next day. When I asked why I stated that we were having a belated going away party for R. The response was, "I just saw her yesterday." I told him that she had put in her notice two weeks ago but her and our supervisor had kept it under wraps until she left because she had got a job at the place M had applied. The rest of us came in and her cubicle was empty. 5 minutes later M is down here checking R's old cube. M saw that it was empty and walked away.

Next day: M talks to R's friend on his floor. M talks to another person that has been applying at the same place. The person M talks too is pretty upset that R got a job where he was applying and he didn't. The story of her getting another job hits the building like wild fire. One problem R is interviewing for an in house promotion. Word gets around to the people interviewing her that she doesn't work here anymore.

Time to call the joke. We let M know that she is actually still here and the reverse rumor mill starts. We think everyone is aware that she isn't leaving until the second in command of our department is heard saying that she is. It is now known that during her interview they will be asking her if she has already or will be taking a position with the other company.

Needless to say R is freaking out and it is all my fault. A harmless prank on a mutual friend (M) hit the office rumor mill and grew wings. You would think people in high positions, especially the second in command whose job is to do exit interviews would check the facts, but nope.

If she gets the promotion, greatest joke ever. If she is passed up, I suck!

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jody said...

Yikes. How stressful. I hate when jokes get out of hand. The execs HAVE to understand what happened. How crappy if they don't. Well, if they really like her they will hire her, and if they don't then they won't. I'm sure they can understand that a rumor is just a rumor.