Monday, November 13, 2006


What comedian makes you pee your pants laughing?
Submitted by pookieb.

I have no sense of humor and if it makes you pee your pants, then I don't want one.  All these people on TV with their funny guy routines.  Why do they want me to laugh, do they need others attention that much.  If they want to make me laugh, the last comic standing needs to be a battle to the finish.  Roz would eat everyone on stage, a few would give her disentary.  She would die too.  The last comic standing would be that southern guy that hosts the show and was funny in a sitcom several years ago, but hasn't been remotely funny since.  And since he is incapable of being funny, comedy and funny guys would die out completely and leave us with a world where we are forced to face with the overwhelming depressiveness of it all.  Thos slackers that commit suicide would get depressed way easier and kill themselves sooner, taking themselves out of the gene pool and not passing on that I am so depressed crap to their kids.  Generation will be saved from realizing that there is no hope at a late time in life and get it right from the start.  I know you want to laugh, junior, but there is nothing funny, lets focus on the aids epidemic.  I hope you feel better now.  the gun is in the top drawer.  Please put doen a towel so it is easier to clean up. 


Yeah, comedy sucks!

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