Thursday, January 18, 2007

My ears!!!!!

I hate my local CBS affiliate.  I am sitting there watching Criminal Minds and then a commercial comes on.  As I get up from my prone position on the floor I have to search for the remote so I can turn the TV down.  I clean up the mess that my spastic dive to the floor created and then the world goes quiet.  I look back to the TV to see if they are having technical difficulties and see that the show has started again.  I have to pick up the remote and turn the TV back up.  Ten minutes later, the cycle begins anew. 

I understand that they turn up the volume on the commercials to get peoples attention.  CBS seems to think that it is my neighbors attention that I need to get.  I am guilty of hyperbole to a degree, but no other station pumps the volume so much.  It is really fun when I turn the volume up because the air is on and then it cuts off right before a commercial.  I am suprised that it doesn't wake up my kids. 

Is every CBS affiliate like this or just mine.

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