Tuesday, February 13, 2007


Adventure-A journey you were not expecting to survive (NPR).

My weekend started with a major adventure.  I hosted a birthday party for a 6 y/o little girl at the ice rink.  People RSVP'd and didn't show.  People didn't RSVP and did show.  The first girl showed up twenty minutes after the party started.  The kids that didn't know how to ice skate didn't really like it (with a few exceptions). 

But, if that wasn't enough to make me go grey, I volunteered to help out on the school field trip to the Adventure Science Center.  There is nothing like 80-100 kindergartners ripping through a science museum.  Sure there were two classroom lectures on dinosaurs and the moon, but the rest of the building is like a broken chucky cheese without the pizza.  Half of the "science" stations were broken.  Most of the stations are designed for individual parents to take their time and explain to a child.  In the middle is a huge jungle gym indoor play center thingy.  There are no less than a dozen ways in and out of this thing.  I was in charge of three kids, and I was running to circle around to these entrances so as not to lose the kids. 

The kids did have fun there, but I can't believe I took a sick day to go there and search for a cure to what was ailing me.  Turned out it was overwork and there was no relaxation (the only known cure) to be found.

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It's Come To This... said...

masochist? i hope you drink alcohol. I remember coming home from my kids' field trips and feeling bone tired. And, I also had a tendency to pack, and eat, really large lunches on field trips. It's the most exhausting day I have ever spent. (The Adventure Science Center looks awesome).

grrrace said...

yikes. i'm scared i'm going to have to start going on field trips... and i'm not looking forward to birthday parties with screaming children. heh. *sigh*

Jeepz said...

My little girl turns three in April. She's already been to 2 birthday parties of other 3 year olds in her class, and has 2 more in the next 4 weeks. I'm afraid she's expecting to have a kid party (rather than the family/family friends parties we've gotten away with the last 2 years). I'm really hoping to be able to put this off for one more year, but we'll see. I imagine we'll have to invite a handful of kids. *sigh* is right, grrrace!