Tuesday, February 13, 2007

TV talk

Heroes:  What is in the pink bag?  Claire's adopted mom is in some serious trouble.  Who is the guy with the guns (both muscular and mechanical)?  I think Matt is going to get busted with the diamonds or he is going to try and sell them to this guy named Linderman.  I thought Sylar had the info from the map, isn't that the same info from the list? 

BSG:  I so thought Dualla was going to buy it.  It was really just a filler episode (new orleans allegory).  I like that they brought back imaginary Baltar.  Athena is just slipping back in like she didn't try to switch sides. 

Scrubs:  Why did she lie to him?  My theory is that she wants someone that can teach the little guy to throw.  I like that Dr. Kelso.

Lost:  oh yeah, lost was on.  I need answers.  I have been patient for almost 3 years, what is the monster?  Tell us who the others are.

The office:  Roy, stay away from Jim's woman.  They may have crossed the line with Michael's cluelessness.  It was just a little too unbelievable.

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Kirk said...

I have a theory about LOST, which I might blog about. It goes something like this:Imagine you had this cool idea for a TV show, but hadn't finalized it yet. Then say you started making episodes and they cost a fortune but went over really big and got really popular. So you add more thrills without bothering to worry about how to tie them all together. Now let's say that the show becomes so popular that fans on forum sites are coming up with better plotlines than your writers are. Now say a famous writer like Stephen King comes out and all but proves you don't know where you're going with the story. Suddenly you realize... you don't know where you're going with the story. You have no answers. Your writers are not coming up with any reasonable way to explain away the smoke-monster. You're starting to realize you're screwed. You have another Twin Peaks on your hands.What do you do?Move it to 10pm. Your viewership will plummet, making it quite easy to justify a mid-season cancellation. And you never have to admit that you didn't have an ending. My prediction: LOST won't survive half of its fourth season, if it even makes it through the third.

Matt said...

I don't know what to think of LOST. J.J. Abrams seems to be great at starting something but horrible at seeing it through. Alias started out as fantastic show, started slipping in season two, and was practically horrid from season three forward. I have a feeling you are right: he's great a coming up with cliffhangers and mysteries but horrible at explaining them. I think I feel a post coming on too, because I have a lot more to say on this.

gamany said...

imaginary baltar is back?! i haven't seen the latest episode yet.

clamhead said...

Michael was WAY over-the-top in this episode. I kept clapping my hands to my face in embarrassment and dismay - I couldn't decide if they went too far with this character or not. Definitely cringe-worthy.Jim and Pam, Pam and Jim... sigh. I don't feel like Jim was being a jerk. He put it all on the line and was rebuffed. Pam started to come around (text messaging, asking Jim out for coffee, etc.) but that was put on hold when Karen came into the picture. What is she supposed to do? Poor thing had to see her wedding - complete with invitations, flowers, and dress, for God's sake - being carried out in front of her, and Jim slow-dancing with Karen. No wonder she ended up in Roy's arms.I know they didn't go home together. I know it.Oh, and Lost? They may have already lost me. No pun intended. *Yawn.*

Steve Betz said...

I agree Kirk's assessment of JJ's tendencies... fantastic stuff when he's paying attention to it. Alias went down when LOST got rolling... so, the GOOD part about King calling his bluff is that maybe they'll keep focused on bringing this one home -- I'd heard a rumor that the goal was 100 episodes, I could live with that. The downside is, that apparently that King has gotten them all jazzed up to do "The Dark Tower", which I would love to see, but please please please do it after you've finished LOST....
BSG: Total filler episode, but I liked it anyway. I thought Dee was gonna bite it too, and I actually thought that might be good for some dramatic tension. I did really like it when Lee ordered her to go get Kara.