Wednesday, March 14, 2007

I Just Lost the Game

What game, you ask? 

Why, "The Game."

How do you play? 

The object of "The Game" is to not realize that you are playing "The Game."  When you realize/remember that you are playing "They Game," you lose.  When you lose, you should pronounce loud and clear that you lost "The Game."  This serves the purpose of drawing new people to the game and also serves to make everyone else who is playing lose as well. 

"The Game" sounds kind of dumb until you have played it.  At first you will lose hourly or daily, but then as the novelty wears off, you will lose less often and it will suprise you. 

You can not lose the game more than once in a five minute period. 

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MainMor said...

It was 3 weeks of winning...and you come along and BLAM I lose...THANKS... Just THANKS...

gamany said...

ok. i'm in.