Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Sport Clips

This weekend I stopped by a new place to get my hair cut.  Well, new to me.  It is a franchise joint called Sport Clips*.  The whole idea, I think, is to have the hooters of hair cutting places, only they fail miserably at that.  The haircuts are the same that you would get from any salon.  The draw of the place is their sport theme.  They have a large screen TV turned to sports in their waiting area and smaller TVs at each individual cutting station.  There is sports memorabilia everywhere and the stylist wear warm up suits and other active wear. 

The good-An ok hair cut.  Pretty good customer service.  If I take my receipt back within the month, I get a free neck trim.  They offer towel wraps, scalp massages, and neck and shoulder massages. 

The bad-The stylist wanted to talk to me (If I wanted to be talked to while I watch sports I would stay home).  The price is a little bit higher.  The back and shoulder massage isn't the real thing.  They use one of those sharper image electric massagers. 

The I am weird and nitpicky-You can't really call it a barber shop because there are no barbers and it just seems to manly to be called a salon.  I don't think they cut women's hair.  I have no idea what to call the place.  They kinda went 90 yards and then downed the ball.  They have a place that is aimed at guys.  It is supposed to be a place where a guy can feel comfortable getting a haircut, but they stylist are all women.  It would stay in line with the theme if they had barbers instead of stylists.  If you are going to have stylist, they should be good looking and wearing cheerleading outfits.  I mean, if you are going to rip off hooters, do it right.

To wrap up, if you are a guy, you may want to give this place a shot, or maybe not.  If you are a girl, you won't like it and they don't cut girl hair anyway.  The environment was OK but they ultimately came up short.  My haircut wasn't good enough to make me want to use the stylist again, I am still looking for someone who can cut my hair to my specifications without questioning me (yes, they ask, "do you know how short that is, or are you sure."  I am 29 of course I know how short that is and I wouldn't tell you to do it if I wasn't sure) and do a good job of it.  Is it too much to ask for people to be competent at their jobs?

*The one in the Kroger shopping center at Old Hickory Blvd and Nolensville Rd.

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Jeepz said...

We have them here in St. Louis. They're called Hair Saloon for Men. So there you go, it's a Saloon. Ours (last time I went, which was about 2 years ago) didn't do the massage, but did have O'Dools and a few other things in bottles and even coke and rootbeer in glass bottles. I bounced around stylists a few times I went until I found one I really liked, and when she left I followed her.

Budd said...

Yeah, I get my hair cut short once every couple of months, so I will go in and the stylist that did it well is gone and the place won't release where she went knowing that they will lose a customer.
Hint* the hot chick seldom gives a good haircut.

[atropos] said...

You sound just like me when it comes to quality service. There is nothing wrong with wanting something done right... I do believe that is their job and why they get paid. I reflect my dissatisfaction in their tip.