Thursday, April 19, 2007

Drive, Jane, and others!

I caught Drive on fox Monday.  I think I may have missed the first episode because stuff was already happening.  The strange thing is that the episode pulled me right in.  It is good to see Nathan Fillion back on TV.  Can't say that it is going to be a great show, but it does have promise. 

Painkiller Jane-  I never read the comic, so this show is completely new to me and I don't know how well it is going to stand up to the original.  The show itself seems almost like a rehash of other older shows.  It isn't bad, but I can't really say that it is good either.  The production quality isn't as high as network shows, but that is okay, maybe.  There was a lot of faux drama, by that I mean drama that isn't.  The title character seemingly dies half an hour into the first episode.  How can you really expect her to stay dead? 

I finally caught the first episode of The Tudors.  It was pretty good.  I was suprised.  The espionage and drama are intriguing.  I will continue watching.

Thank God Your Here-  Does this show come on every night?  It is so hit and miss depending on who is on there and how well they improve.  Any given 15 minutes of the show has enormous potential to suck. 

This American Life is just as good as the radio show and Penn and Teller continue to entertain.

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Ross said...

The two hour premiere of Drive was on the Sunday before it's regularly scheduled Monday slot. You caught episode 3. I'd recommend catching the first 2 hours (bittorrent anyone?), just to get some background and understand some of the logistics for the race, as well as some background for the characters that they build on in the later episodes. But you're right, not a great show but fun to watch.

Steve Betz said...

The utter preposterousness of the show is pretty stupefying, but you know what -- I've watched all three hours and had fun while doing so. The dialog's been fun, I'm curious about several of the characters, so why not?

Vosston said...

Each time I watch This American Life I think it can't get better...but it does. People are amazing and very scary.