Tuesday, April 10, 2007

TV Talk

The IFL on UPN (or whatever it is they call that network), isn't bad.  It isn't the UFC, but it will do.  There seems to be a lack of a serious ground game for most fighters.  If someone goes down, they usually bend over fetally and proceed to get pummeled. 

Thank God Your Here- was funny for its first episode but the second one fell flat.  The show itself cast normal actors into improv situations.  The hilarity of the episodes will depend on the ability of the person on stage to improv.  Malcolm's Dad (Hal) from Malcolm in the middle was the funniest I have seen so far.  Newman from Seinfeld was a close second. 

The Office-Darn you NBC, darn you to heck!  I would like to thank NBC for the numerous commercials letting me know that the office would be starting early and ending late.  I missed the first five minutes and the last ten.  I will have to view it on their website which, I imagine, was there intention.  I didn't even realize that I had missed any of the end until someone at work was talking about it and I was like, "when did that happen." 

Scrubs-Goodbye Laverne, you will be missed.  Hello J.D. junior.  One episode was shown out of order or shot out of order because we finally find out what happened to Perry's hair. 

The Ultimate Fighter-A guy cries because he can't lose weight.  You will have to scroll down to my sissification post to see my feelings on this.  This season looks to be promising with a bunch of guys with shortman's syndrome. 

Heroes-Two more weeks.  Two more long and miserable weeks.  New York is so getting blown up.

Battlestar Gallactica-  As if the second half of this season (minus a few great episodes) wasn't going to drive fans off,  the show isn't coming back for its final season until 2008.  The people over at scifi are about retarded. 

Jerricho- tonight we get some answers.  This show has been quite the suprise.

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little wonders said...

I am waiting with baited breath for HEROS to return, can't wait to see Peter vs Skylar, and of course what's going on with No Such Company.

gamany said...

uh oh, i've got two weeks to catch up on heroes. i forgot it was back this month!

Steve Betz said...

I gave up on Jericho about 5 or 6 eps in...(I thought that the premise was great, but the execution was just too clumsy)... did it recover? Worth catching in repeats or online?

Budd said...

Fallen Anjel & Angela-Heroes is going to rock!
Steve-It kinda lost me for a while but the past couple of episodes have been pretty good. tm night we find out who the black guy is and who he works for, at least that is what the previews seem to show.

Fresh Monkey said...

I am so glad you pointed out Jericho - That has been one of my favorite new shows this year (other than Heroes, of course). I guess it is doing well in the ratings, but there does not seem to be much "buzz" about it. As far as Steve's point... yeah, there were a few episodes in the middle there that were "ehhh..." but the last few weeks have been quite good.

Java Jane said...

Like Steve, I gave up on Jericho. I had to suspend to much reality and found it just as cheesy as last year's Surface, but far less watchable. I did kind of want to see what was revealed (per commercial teasers) about the bomb plot, but I suppose I can see that on the web or in reruns if I'm so inclined over the summer.I have been jones-ing for "Heroes", the hiatus has been far to long. If it the next 5 episodes are as good or better than the season so far, it will be a long, hot summer waiting for the fall premier. I'll probably rewatch most of the episodes on my iPod poolside to catch any of the nuances I missed.I have given up on sci-fi on TV. I'm so frustrated. Hardly anyone is doing sci-fi anymore (see my "Let's Talk TV" post today) and I think it directly correlates to the dumbing down of America. Sci-Fi is really is, humbling, the thinking person's genre and the demise of sci-fi on network TV is to me directly related to the dumbing down of America. (Don't get me started peeps...) Anywhoooo, any good sci-fi series that gets started either falls victim to extended hiatus or cancellation. I'm still hoping that this Fall might, might, might bring some new hope and satisfaction for sci-fi fans. I miss the days of the variety of Star Trek's, Babylon 5, Firefly (pulled, but the Serenity movie was great!) etc. Oh well, gotta run, the television beckons...

Budd said...

I like Jericho, but I realize I don't know any of the characters names. You have the dad/mayor, the mom, the dead doctor, the shell shocked doctor, skeet ulrich, peyton manning, the hot barkeep, skeet ulrich's old girlfriend, skeet's new girlfriend, the black guy, the black guy's wife, the dead black chick, the deaf girl, the farmer, the irs agent, the new mayor, the kid that runs the store, and his girlfriend.
They haven't really fleshed any of the characters out enough. Everyone is still an enigma. That isn't healthy for a show.