Friday, June 29, 2007

I got an iPhone

Sike!  I mean, if I want to surf the net, I will do it on something with a connectin faster than dialup.  I will also do it on something where I don't have to scroll back and forth and up and down just to read a single paragraph (this is after enlarging it and flipping the screen of course). 

If I want to send an email, I will do that from a computer as well.  I can only imagine trying to hit the right touch key on that tiny keyboard.  Heck, I can hardly hit the right one on my regular fullsized keyboard. 

If I want to take a picture, I will use my digital camera that has more megapixels. 

If I want to look at pictures, I will get a photo album. 

If I want to listen to music, I have my mini and nano.

If I want to talk on the phone, wait, why would I want to talk on the phone.  I hate cellular phones and really talking on phones in general.  Why would I want a phone that follows me around. 

If I want to throw money away, I will take it out of my wallet and put it in the trash can.

Basically, the iPhone is a wannabe laptop that makes phone calls.  Just give me the lap top. 

I heard an interview with an iTard that said that he trusted Steve Jobs judgement about the iPhone even though he hadn't used one yet.  This is the same judgement that limited the phone to AT&T for 5 years with a substandard internet connection.  Yeah, I trust him to.


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Steve Betz said...

Cynical Friday, eh? I will be very curious to see how the iPhone does. As with all things Apple, they make it seem irresistible. I won't get one, b/c its not worth it for me to change from VZN to ATT (and pay >$600 for the privilidge to do so).
Like you -- I don't want a bad computer, good mp3 player and mediocre camera all rolled into one. I'm sure in time the convergence will take place, but not yet.

Pondy pond pond said...

I couldn't agree more... of course having something new and exciting is always fun, but the iPhone seems to be more of a pain in the butt than I'm willing to overlook. I'm quite satisfied with the Razr that I have.... it's (red) and gorgeous and yeah..
I'm not much of an iClique sort of person anyhow.

gamany said...

iWant an iPhone but iDon't have AT&T, so iWait.

Leah H. said...

Now I have my iPhone work I LOVE it! I have blocked out the 48hrs of activation misery!