Wednesday, June 27, 2007

TV Talk

So I have been watching On the Lot on Fox.  There are a couple of really talented filmmakers on the show.  The show to this point has been rather lackluster though.  Last night was the change.  Of the six films only one of them missed the mark.  There were three really good ones that had me laughing but the best of the night was Die Hardly Working.   

I have also been catching Meadowlands on Showtime.  The show hasn't really hooked me.  It is strange and quirky, but I just haven't been drawn in. 

Oh well, time to catch up to the stuff on the DVR.

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1 comment:

Emmi said...

My first ever post on my first ever blog was about The Lot. I was all excited because I had my first video camera and I had watched (online) "Totality" and "On the Trail of the Painted Ponies". I thought both were quite good. :)