Wednesday, June 13, 2007

What Happened to Nick?

From the discussions revolving around the sadness that is the passing of Mr. Wizard, a question has arose.  What happened to Nick.  Upon hearing of Mr. Wizard's passing I immediately thought, "I wonder if they will have a marathon, or at least a remembrance piece, on Nickelodeon.  The website doesn't even have anything on it. 

Sure Avatar rocks and a lot of people seem to like Sponge Bob for some reason, but Nickelodeon abandoned its

roots.   Where are the tributes to You Can't Do That On Television, Double Dare, Dangermouse, Pinwheel, Bannana Man, Belle and Sebastian, The Noozles, David the Gnome, and all the rest.  Nick will show classic TV but won't show the shows that launched it as a household name. 

Children's programming is timeless.  Mr. Rogers has proved that with his show still being popular amongst the demographic up to now.  My children always enjoy the cartoons that I introduce them to from my own childhood.  Maybe Nickelodeon is aiming itself at the teen market now.  It has to be cutting edge and cool.  Kids are not as innocent anymore so the programming can't be.  Cartoons have to be computer rendered and full of fart jokes. 

Classic Nick

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grrrace said...

sorry. i never watched any nick. like, ever. so i don't have the same feelings of nostalgia...

gamany said...

"I wonder if they will have a marathon, or at least a remembrance piece, on Nickelodeon." it would be nice if they did.

Design Shark said...

New Nickelodeon makes me want to puke. We look around and wonder how kids these days got to be this way, and then we see teeny-boppers not older than 14 in mini skirts and heels on TV.Gee, why are 14 year olds having babies? Hm.

Chi said...

[das ist gut]