Tuesday, July 17, 2007

What Goes Around

A few months back everyone may remember having a laugh at my wife's expense due to her broken foot.  Well, Earl warned me about karma and I didn't listen. 

July is parents get free classes month at Ashli's Tae Kwon Do(TKD) school.  So I partook of the offer, not being able to resist the word free.  Class was going great until we got to crecent kicks.  *Crecent Kick- Sweeping the leg up in an arch like motion and striking with the outside of the foot.*  We were working on bringing it almost straight up and then snapping it over.  to reduce the swing motion of the leg the instructor held a second paddle up as a visual reference of how far was too far.  I did great with my right leg, but with my left I nailed the paddle dead on.  Not the soft side but the edge.  I hit it just as I was snapping my foot and my foot was still relaxed.  I kicked hard enough that I kicked through the paddle and actually hit my intended target.  It  hurt pretty bad but I continued on.

The foot continued to hurt when I got home and I put some ice on it.  I woke up the next moring with a bruise across the top part of my foot and my toes.  I couldn't really walk on it.  As the day went on everything loosened up  and I was able to participate in the next class.  This of course aggrevated the injury. 

The bruising is now gone, but the top of my foot still hurts if I move it a certain way. It is possible that I broke something but I don't think I will ever know. 

Good one Karma.


Here is a picture of the bruising

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grrrace said...

yeeesh. hope your foot gets better soon...

Pondy pond pond said...

it is most definitely possible to receive fractures in the foot and still be able to hobble around in moderate pain... you should probably go have an x-ray and get it looked at. :(

gamany said...

so how is your foot today?

Budd said...

much better, thank you.