Friday, August 03, 2007

Not in our house, Barry Bonds

Sure we lost two out of three games, but Barry didn't tie and/or break the record against us Dodgers.  I say we and us because I am part of the team.  I am the official "why do you like the Dodgers, you live in a suburb of Nashville, TN" fan.  I get to see about two games a year because ESPN is anti-Dodger.  Last night they were even dogging out Dodger dogs.  I mean attack Tomko, he can't pitch, but leave the food alone.  I sadly have never had a Dodger dog nor have I been to a Dodger's game.  One day, I will have to drive up the St. Louis or down to Atlanta and watch them play. 

I would also be happy if Bonds tripped while taking himself out of a game and couldn't play anymore and couldn't break Hammerin' Hank's record.  If A-Rod does it, I won't mind.  Go A-Rod get your 500. 

Barry, you and Lance go hang out and trade doping stories. In the record books beside both of your records there should be a picture of a syringe. 

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1 comment:

grrrace said...

wait... so... why DO you like the dodgers?!