Saturday, September 08, 2007

biscuits and sop

biscuits and sop
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This morning I made biscuits from scratch and then made some Sop (chocolate gravy). The wife washed and cut some strawberries. It was very delicious. Yes, the strawberries ended up in the sop as well.

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Ross said...

Mmm...looks much better than my bagel with fake butter spread this morning.

grrrace said...

YUM. *shiver* looks soooo good.

Steve Betz said...

I'm not sure "Sop" is the most appetizing name for the dish, but it looks awesome -- strawberries, biscuits, and chocolate -- thats a winner!

Budd said...

I think that the term sop comes from the tendency to sop up every last drop.

gamany said...