Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Getting Serious

As some of you may have noticed by some of my recent posts, I have decided to take my writing more seriously.  I am really looking into doing some freelance writing work.  I have made the very small step of signing up on and writing some articles there (helium pays an ad revenue percentage).  Helium is allowing me to gauge how my writing stacks up.  I have also printed up some business cards (of course I have only given them to friends).  Feel free to encourage me on my way or to tell me to hold off because I am not ready.  If you have any books that you would recommend that would be great.  I don't even know what I should charge for different work. 

If you would like to see some of the article I have written on helium here are some links:

Alzheimer's Disease:  Warning Signs and Prevention

Should Sagging Be Banned

Assessing the Future of TV Shows

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Ross said...

Cool - I'll check these out tomorrow.I don't have any resources to recommend to you, but I've heard that online writing groups are a good way to get feedback - essentially you review other people's work and they review yours. You get as much out of figuring out where other people went wrong as you do out of getting your own stuff reviewed, so it's a win-win.Of course, you need to find one with a focus on the kind of stuff you'll be writing - not a lot of sense in joining a novel-writer's group if you're writing short fiction, or a fiction group if you're writing non-fiction. But getting in the right group will not only give you feedback, but possibly also contacts, leads, advice re: submission guidelines, etc. Not sure exactly what kind of market you're looking for to focus your freelance efforts on, but I think getting that straight in your objectives will let a lot of the details sort themselves out.

grrrace said...

have you checked out associated content? i think they pay, also... but they have to select your article. i think that's how it works, anyway. anyway, keep on doing what you're doing. if you're serious about becoming a writer, the only thing you can do is keep writing. :)

Ama Duende said...

Good for you! I have done a little bit of freelance ad copy when I lived in MN. It can be up to 75 per hour, but that would be for a client like Best Buy. Get to know who is in charge of marketing at all the best companies, and get to know who produces ads for radio stations, that sort of thing. It takes a while. Hold on to your pantaloons if you are looking for checks. It is all aobut connections.