Friday, September 21, 2007

Today's Birthdays

Stephen King is 60

Bill Murray is 57

H.G. Wells would have been 141

Nicole Richie is 26, pregnant, and in rehab

I am 30.


I know, it is scary!

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Ross said...

Happy B-day, hope it's a good one!

Red Mosquito said...

Happy Birthday, that's quite the crowd.

[atropos] said...


Steve Betz said...

Happy Birthday Budd!! Hard to believe you're half-a-Stephen King.... does that make you a Richard Bachmann?

grrrace said...

happy birthday! :Dhey, i have another friend whose bday is today. i'd better email her :D hey, it's ALSO her 30th!

Budd said...

If only I was a Richard Bachman. The long walk is on of my all time favorite short stories. Running Man was so much better than the movie.
@everyone else- thanks

Steve Betz said...

DAMN --- I almost put at the end of my comment... maybe for your birthday you could go for a Long Walk.... but I didn't know if you'd get it. I should have known.
Anyway -- don't let any gypsies caress you!

Dancing Bear said...

They show a picture of Nicole Richie on Talk Soup and she's running while pregnant but because of the Anorexia she has a sideways baby sticking out from each her left and right. Pretty sick. She is.