Monday, October 22, 2007

Halloween Movie Suggestions

A co-worker invited a couple of people over for a Halloween movie night.  We watched two pretty awesome flicks.

In order of viewing


This movie was creepy, gory, and hilarious.  It succeeded on so many levels.  It was awesome.  The one liners in this movie are great. "What kinda thing wants you to eat it!"  Here is a plot synopsis, Mal finding himself abandoned on an Earth like planet, after Jayne has double crossed him and run off with Serenity, becomes a small town sheriff.  He has a thing for this girl that is married to a big jerk.  The big jerk gets infected and the little slugs turn everyone into zombies.  Pam must have broken up with Jim and quite her job at the office and moved to this town because she becomes a zombie.  I don't know how she aquired the southern accent so fast. 

This movie rocked and was lots of fun.


This movie was really creepy.  I think I need to read the short story.  I wasn't sure what I was expecting with this movie, but it surpassed whatever expectations I had.  It makes you not want to stay in hotel rooms.  This was good and is pretty scary.  Plot synopsis:  John Cusack is taking a hiatus from his record store/kickboxing/drawing/contract killing to write books about haunts.  He comes across this hotel where Sam Jackson works.  Sam wants the @$%@^@$% %@$%@$% poltergeist out of his !$!^$# !$!%$$%!@ hotel.  This movie was crazy and creepy and done with a minimal of computer graphics.  It was intense.

My synopsese were tainted by what I had seen the actors in previously.

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grrrace said...

i've heard good things about slither... but... i can't get myself to watch it. heh. i'm a big wuss.

gamany said...

i'd been waiting for a price drop on the dvd for slither but i waited so long, i forgot i wanted to see it. thanks for reminding me.1408 was pretty good. so, who on earth sent cusak's character the postcard for the hotel? the evil f-cking room?

Budd said...

I never thought of that. Sam Jackson did it. He wanted that poltergeist out of the room afterall. I bet it was the room.