Friday, October 12, 2007

QotD: Don't Bother Watching

What's the worst new television show to premiere this season?

of the ones I have see, Bionic Woman.  it is just plain awful. 

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Eli's Dad said...

Agreed. It's out of my rotation already. It's a shame since I so wanted to like the premise of the show but they killed it w/ poor writing and unlikeable characters.

grrrace said...

i keep watching it, hoping it gets better. i'm not that fond of michelle ryan. i really, really want to like it.

Steve Betz said...

I'm with Grrrace, I've really wanted to like it, but just haven't. Its also bad when Starbuck, I mean, whateverhernameisintheshow, upstages the lead and would be infinitely more interesting to spend an hour with.